Happy Days – Sat 30th May 2015

By | May 30, 2015

Our wedding anniversary today, 13 years married and 15 years ago today we had our first date, time has flown.

It’s been a nice one.  T’s outdoor (beyond the garden) refusal this week has meant that we didn’t get any “mum and dad” cards, but that’s okay, having calm, relaxed children has more than compensated.

T and D both seem to be looking forward to the football tournament tomorrow, for differing reasons.  He’s playing, she will be watching (hopefully without bolting) and helping to sell cakes.  

D is really quite fascinated by something we’ve been sent for Mr Bluecrisps to try out:

If she’s heard her dad snoring (distinctly possible!), she’ll say to me that “he really needs to try the anti-snoring device!”.  She’s delighted he is tonight.  We shall see …

Anyway, it’s been a day of remembering and wondering what the next 13 or so years will bring, who knows?

I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx

(Throwback picture from our wedding party) 

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