Well Done Both! – Fri 10th April 2015

By | April 10, 2015

Yippee! We got T out beyond the garden today, with a walk to the shops and back.

It was very regimented, as per T’s needs, with a clear idea of where we were going, the order of shops we’d be going in and appropriate time spent out.  It’s like this every time, whether he’s walking with me or in the car, he’s very specific about needing routes and an itinerary.

They both did very, very well.  The shops were busy, plenty of people both inside and out.  It was a case of holding D’s hand, whilst keeping T close and getting on with it.

There were (naturally) children enjoying the sunshine and their holidays, whizzing around on scooters and bikes or just walking in a group and chatting and part of me felt a bit sad because I can’t envisage either of T or D sound that; T would be very much “what’s the point of just hanging around?” whilst D just couldn’t cope on her own with the sights and sudden smells.

Disappointingly for D, a walk there, inevitably meant a walk back.  It was hot, she was tired and it was a slow but steady hand-held walk back.  Helped the steps total though (poor D).


It’s only when we returned, that I realised D had been out without Bunny (which explained the low mood and the moans and groans).  Bunny had had a much-needed trip in the washing machine and was waiting for us on the line:


 A bit of an achievement for her, apart from when Bunny disappeared for eight days, they are never apart.

And for T too, getting out of the house, even if it was extremely regimented.

I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx  

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