Worry Dolls – Tues 24th March 2015

By | March 24, 2015

D is a worrier, she gets anxious over things that others may consider trivial (for example, someone walking behind us.  Not closely, but we have to stop and have a cuddle whilst they go past), it’s part of her autism.  

It does concern me that it’s generally only me she’ll express her worries to and this is usually after gentle persuasion.  Sometimes her worries only manifest days or weeks afterwards and then linger …. and linger.

She mentioned last week that they’d be making “worry dolls” in class and my first thought was that it was such a good idea, sometimes a change of focus is all that’s needed to take the worry away.  Obviously I’d want and need to know the bigger worries but smaller ones (like say, T antagonising her) can be dealt with by the doll.

D brought her doll home today, she had fun crafting it, it’s gold material with a feather in place of a head.  Time will tell if it helps but she’s very receptive to the idea – just might need a prompt in the evening.

One of her classmates showed me his worry doll, it’s named after me, with a bright pink coat like I wear.  It has a pink feather for hair and it’s a tad cute.  Quite touching really.

I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx 

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