Splot! Weds 19th Nov 2014

By | November 19, 2014

Sometimes the slightest thing can send D off kilter, or what would seem like the slightest thing.

Today it has been “splot”, which is what D used to call ketchup. We sometimes joke that D doesn’t have ketchup with her food, she has food with her ketchup, that’s so much she likes the tomato-y vinegary flavour (incidentally she won’t have tomatoes on their own or anything like salt and vinegar crisps but the “splot” combo is fine by her).

Normally we are H***nz people, apart from when we’re out and then she seems to accept “splot” in a different format (ie sachet) but not at home.

I saw a “Forces Sauces” variety with proceeds from every sale going to charity and it was on offer too…bonus! Giving it the all important taste test, it seemed the same too.

D was shown the bottle and she liked the design but when it came to tea time, a definite no. Change doesn’t appear to be good for D at any time, especially not when it comes to her “splot”.

There have been complaints, moans and downright refusals.

Who would have thought one little bottle could cause so many problems?

I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx


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