Empathy – Mon 3rd Nov 2014

By | November 4, 2014

A Monday blog on a Tuesday am today as the blog had “technical issues” yesterday.

I’m not well atm, not sure if it’s a result of having the flu jab (reading other people’s experiences of it afterwards is always “enlightening”) or just a “well, you’ve had a lot chucked at you this year so here’s some more, so there!”, type of thing but anyway…

It’s dehabilitating – to put it mildly – but the routines have to go on, those routines that T and D crave and need.

They are both very visual so them being told that I’m not feeling well doesn’t make much odds but if I’m sweating away under a duvet, alternating between hot and cold, that’s when they’ll realise that yes, I’m not well.

Hopefully it will buzz off in a few days but with T’s birthday today (Tuesday) and D’s statement review meeting, it will be a busy day.


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