T-time – Thurs 11th Sept 2014

By | September 11, 2014

It was T-time today, both in the sense of some 1:1 time with T and a coffee shop visit (I don’t drink tea btw).

D had her after-school sport today (football, which Hubbie is very pleased about) so T and I had a chance to catch up. A change for him as he had to get off the school coach at a different stop and walk to the shops to meet me, but he managed it and came in smiling.

It was really nice to chat to him about his day, without interruptions and before he got too tired that the only answers would be short and mono-syballic (as has been the case in recent days)

The other good thing about today is that T has finally been allocated his locker at school so he can store some of the heavy books in there after the respective lesson. His school bag absolutely weighs a ton when he leaves in the morning so it will help his little shoulders.

D enjoyed her football and seems to be a left-footer like T, she never says too much about her day, only when something untoward has happened so it’s useful that we’ve been given a copy of her timetable, which will really help with conversational prompts.

I think we’re all pleased it’s nearly the weekend, I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx


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