Giggles – Mon 1st Sept 2014 #MusicMonday

By | September 1, 2014

The first of September today, D full of smiles because “it’s Daddy’s birthday month”, she’s anticipating events more and more which is fantastic. We had years of birthdays and Christmas meaning absolutely nothing, apart from the shiny wrapping paper.

Both T and D have been on good form today, no doubt the shops were absolutely heaving with last minute school shopping but they were happy, at home, in the dry.

T is so calm about the onset of secondary school, this may change tomorrow (with one day to go) but – knowing him – he just wants to get there, find his way around and get on with it. I think his little walk around the site yesterday really helped.

He’s also been giggling away at the video to this song – True Faith by New Order.

It’s not really a video we can analyse or decipher any obvious meaning behind it (although the comments on YouTube suggest a few things) but he absolutely loved the dancers in clown suits dancing and bouncing around and the two who just keep slapping each other.

And he’s just back from football training, having expelled some energy and got back into that routine, *fingers crossed* that tomorrow will be a good one too.

I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx


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