Me And My Nails #WellbeingWednesday

By | August 6, 2014

As part of my decision to launch Wellbeing Wednesday and feel a bit more positive about myself, it was time to sort out my nails.

I mentioned previously that ever since January (when they got damaged during my putting together a trampoline), they just haven’t been growing back properly and I’ve put that down to a stressful time tbh.

Those that saw me at Britmums might remember that I had long bright pink nails, they were stick-ons which made me feel great but it didn’t help the underlying problem underneath.

I’d ummed and aaahed for ages about taking a supplement because of the cost and I wasn’t sure they’d work. I’d talk about it with Hubbie and then talk myself out because they weren’t cheap but, eventually, I decided that the benefits would – hopefully – outweigh the downside. There was also the bonus of the vitamin content inside them, so I’d be helping myself from the inside out.

So…here we are, my horrible (“wrecked” as D refers to them) nails on the day I started taking the supplements, 19th July.


Yuck, just yuck. Here’s my other hand btw, I was just very unlucky:


And these are my nails 3 weeks on, there is definite signs of growth but obviously there is a lot of damage to grow out first, I’m impressed with progress so far, I just need to remember to keep taking them:


This is what I’m taking, not a freebie, not a review, all bought with my own money:

…and yes, my fringe is growing at a far old rate of knots too.

I’ve shared my nails as part of #WellbeingWednesday, a new fortnightly linky up today, if you’d like to join in or read more about it, click here.

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