Giving his all – Sat 30th Aug 2014

By | August 30, 2014

I dwelled a bit yesterday on the negative traits of autism, tonight is all about the positives.

You can never say about T that he doesn’t give his all, in whatever he’s doing. Be it football, school work or Minecraft with D, he is always determined to do his absolute best.

This can sometimes cause frustration for him but it’s something that I really admire about T.

I remember when he started swimming lessons at school, he really struggled at first and hated it. He didn’t like the class layout, or the instructor or the fact he was in with the beginners. As his teacher at the time said: “he’s finally found something he’s not good at straightaway and he’s finding that tough to deal with”, which was very true.

But he persevered, he got better and now he’s confident in a pool, which is great.

This same focus has been in evidence today, at football training. He plays as a team member, getting into position and anticipating. Quite a lot of that is probably due to the fact that he lives and breathes football, has done ever since he could pull himself up, but he listens to the coaches and wants to do his best. It’s also a welcome return to training after the manager decided that a total break from football for the summer was in order for the team (which has kind of backfired). T never takes a break from football btw, I don’t think he could if he tried (same as his dad!).

It’s that same focus that we hope will see him through those tricky first few weeks at secondary school. Once he’s done the boarding and getting off the school bus, finding his tutor group and familiarising himself with the layout, I’m sure he’ll be fine. We’re going to the grounds tomorrow – as it’s open at the weekends because there’s a fantastic gym there – so that he can walk around a bit whilst it’s not busy, find his bearings a bit.

In the meantime we’re just so glad that the appeal for a place went our way (and probably won’t ever stop being).

D is looking ahead to school too, she goes back the day after T, another thankful moment is that we know she’s going to have her secondary school life in her SN school, a massive relief as she just could not cope in a mainstream environment.

Thankful for so many aspects but it is tiring, these “battles”, I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx


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