All done but .. Sun 17th Aug 2014

By | August 17, 2014

Well, we are completely ready for T to start secondary school. The majority of uniform pieces were bought before the end of summer term and it was just something to change for next size up and replacement football socks after someone (who, me?) mucked up when ironing on name tapes (it doesn’t work btw!).

It’s been a bit of a task to get T out of the house and garden this summer holidays, he’s happiest within our four walls and garden, but today a trip to town was due to get the final bits as above.

It was all going really well (despite the hustle, bustle and inevitable stares) until T had a “bit” of a major moment in a shop, so major that he walked out. If that had been D, it would have been a case of “just stop everything and get after her quickly” but I knew T would be waiting outside, it doesn’t change the fact that it happened though.

D was quite upset by it all, she was worried about the fact that her brother had got upset and gone, luckily it was just a couple of minutes before we were through the checkout.

I’ve learnt with both of them that a loud voice does not work, if anything it makes a situation worse so any discussions were low key but with a definite message.

I think (squabbling aside) that’s been the only real “aaaaaaargh!” moment so far of the summer holidays but it’s a reminder that whilst T might look as though he’s “coping”, underneath he isn’t. A clear indication that we did the right thing in pushing for what we felt was the most appropriate secondary school environment for him and that obtaining that high functioning autistic “label” whilst he was in year 5 of primary can only be another source of potential support.

I hope everyone’s day has gone well Jx


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