Calm (ish) before… Sat 7th June 2014

By | June 7, 2014

A lovely sunny afternoon once the thunder storms and downpours departed and that’s been much like our day, but in reverse.

T has prolonged spells at times where anything and everything D says or does will annoy him – this is where their intellectual and emotional differences are so apparent – and he’ll be determined to have the last word, not realising that his tone and retorts cause upset. And then he’ll be frustrated because D reacts.

However…this was only in the latter part of the day and some self-regulating bouncing seemed to help him.

They both have events to look forward to tomorrow; T is participating in a football tournament with his team, *fingers crossed* for a medal or at least a programme as he does like to have a memento and D and I will be taking a trip into town (hopefully it won’t be too busy) as she has a Claire’s Accessories gift card from her birthday to spent. She’s very excited but hasn’t quite grasped the idea that once the money on it is spent, it’s gone.

Money skills is something that her SN school do quite a lot of work with as the students get older, I often see groups with lists in the supermarket buying food for their cookery lessons. We try to do this with D as much as practically possible too, getting her to pay for an item (and standing close by), reminding her she’ll receive change and how much it’s likely to be.

It should be a fun time though, I’m sure we’ll be looking at pink, sparkly, glittery things, D loves browsing for things like that.

Hopefully T’s tournament will go well too.


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