Yippee! My Reasons To Be Cheerful this week #R2BC

I don’t like feeling down or grumpy, it’s not good for me or those around me (sorry, Hubbie) and this was reflected in last week’s R2BC.

Anyway, today is a Yippee and a Yay because…

1. Hubbie’s car is fixable. The repair centre that it got towed to last week took EIGHT days to look at it, gave him worse case scenario and then told him it wasn’t that bad after all. Then they moaned because it was taking up space…blooming cheek!

Anyway, that is a mega relief, obviously.

2. I’ve just picked up T’s supporting letter from his primary school for our appeal against not receiving a secondary school place at our first choice. The letter is very truthful towards T and echo’s what we want to get across ie. he’s very academic but will struggle with unfamiliar and difficult situations and that they believe this particular school will fit his needs. They did put his diagnosis down as high functioning Aspergers not Autism and that is slightly vexing but the letter will hopefully help. A tight deadline to get everything together and get it in in time now.

3. D’s monthly (horrible) injections will now be done by the school nurse, with someone from the hospital coming to our house in holiday time. This is a major relief, knowing that all the dates will be in someone’s diary and also that someone is now accountable going forward. If cuddles “weren’t allowed” in school, she’d be getting one!

4. A minor one now: I’m been a bit off the diet, I was left with quite yucky choices and I didn’t lose but didn’t gain either this week.

The first three are the things that have been on my mind a lot this week, it’s a relief to see them getting sorted.

Those are my reasons, linking up with Becky at @LakesSingleMum and it’s sunny too!!


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