Sometimes.. Sat 22nd March 2014

By | March 22, 2014

Sometimes I forget that our local village precinct is so busy on a Saturday.

I forget that there’s a Saturday market, that the supermarket will be jam-packed full of people guiding their trollies around like they’re on a racing track, determined to either get the best meat for their Sunday roast/barbecue (weather dependent).

I forget that, because we generally go up there when it’s quieter, that the increase in people brings an increase in stares and whispers and, in an instance today, laughter at my poor D.

She wasn’t doing anything wrong or out-of-the-ordinary, we’d gone into Costa and she was tapping away on her ipad, happy in her buggy which acts as her sanctuary in a busy environment.

I noticed it first, the pointing and the asides between two boys and then the laughter started. Big cruel laughter which didn’t stop despite one of my best AutismMumma scowls, it didn’t stop as we carried on to our table.

The (I presume it was) mum gave us a little (I think, embarrassed) smile and, for a second I thought about doing a little bit of awareness but knew that it wouldn’t make any difference.

Fortunately D wasn’t aware, she was in her own little zone, happy that we’d found our “usual” table, chosen because of its location, happy that she’d soon be eating her lunch.

I wondered if one day she would notice, would she “tune in” or remain unaware. I don’t know. Part of me fears that this is how she could be taken advantage of in the future, either physically or emotionally. Her peers in mainstream would have been outside today, “hanging around”, I can’t ever see that happening. I might be wrong.

Another sometimes and….sometimes D makes progress. Big progress from just a few months back.

We have this little game that T, D and I play on journeys, the “I went to the shops and I bought…” game. It’s a memory game because you have to remember all the items beforehand and it requires imagination too.

We played it on the way home today, D and I, and we got to six! Stopped after that at D’s request but she’s never got that far before.

We then went on to “I Spy” and this has been problematic in the past as she’d say things that certainly weren’t in view, T would get annoyed = end of game.

D had some fantastic, imaginative ones today, some that were definitely in view that I had to give up on and when she had to give up, it was good-natured on her part. Really nice and it definitely made up for the earlier instances.

A good Saturday for T too, definitely back to his routine with a played match this morning (a draw) and a watched match this afternoon (also a draw). It’s making the months of cancelled games due to winter weather a bit easier to deal with.

Tomorrow could bring a trip to town but, after a busy Saturday, I think a more relaxed day is in order.

I hope everyone’s day has gone well, comments/RTs/shares as ever welcomed, thanks for reading Jx


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