Project 365 – Week 10 #Project365

In retrospect, it was probably the wrong week to start a 28-day diet plan but new month, new motivation and all that.

Here’s a typical day’s food:


Here’s what we’ve been up to this week:

Saturday 1st March:

The start of the afore-mentioned diet plan for me and a chance for D to sample popcorn from our new gadget (a present). She squealed with laughter every time a kernel popped out, it was lovely to see and hear.

Sunday 2nd March:

I replaced one of our bathroom mirrors with this little hand one I found in a sale. D said it looks like one from a fairy tale, she is very into princesses and mermaids at the moment.

Monday 3rd March:

The start of the first week of dry walks to and from T and D’s schools in ages. We also found out today that we have to appeal against T’s secondary school place, or rather lack of it (grrr, chocolate was craved but not given in to!).

Tuesday 4th March:

This certificate was well deserved by D, she has monthly injections which are painful and distressing, if I could have them for her I would, but I can’t.

Wednesday 5th March:

A trip to town and I saw a Phrenology head in John Lewis. I have always wanted one of these ever since I saw one in a funny little shop when I was about 18. I’ve thrown out random birthday hints…

Thursday 6th March:


I was very privileged today and tasked with looking after Bunny (D’s comforter). We had cuddles but Bunny also had a little “holiday” in the washing machine and on the line (and looked much better for it)!

D’s class have been learning about sounds in Music and how to make them from various bits and pieces. I thought we were long past the “bringing home boxes as models” etc phase but this is a “drum”, all D’s own work and she’s customised with silver paper and zig-zag bits.


Friday 7th March:

A definite “yay” for Friday and that is T in the picture above, wearing a mask that he’d made at school.

We always have a “best and worst bits of the week” over tea on Friday and making his mask was his best bit two weeks running so I was looking forward to seeing it. Well worth the wait.

And I’ve kept to the meal plan too!
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