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Wobbles Wednesday

It’s Wednesday again and time to link up with Wobbles Wednesday, our positivity linky for achieving healthier minds and bodies.

I have a confession to make, I’ve been tucked away under a stress cloud since last week, it wasn’t shifting and I wasn’t going to hop on the scales this morning. I also haven’t been meal replacing because I’m left with the yucky (well, I think they are) choices until the next delivery, so I’ve had a week of, well, normality but not overdoing it (which surprised me considering the afore-mentioned stress cloud).

Anyway, we have such a lovely group of bloggers who link up and comment on each others’ posts that hop on I did and…

I’ve stayed the same!

That surprised me but also made me relieved. I think a gain would have made me feel down, but a maintain is ok. Positive even, because it’s meant that I don’t have to rely on the meal replacements to stay the same.

My goals for the next week are:

1. Think positive. Yes, there are some stressful things going on, but they will pass (apart from the school appeal, that won’t be clarified til mid-blooming-June)

2. Get back into it once the next delivery arrives. Now that I know exactly what I do and don’t like, it will be easier.

3. Recognise that a break is ok, I intend to have a day off on Mothers Day and also my birthday.


The image above makes me laugh, I loved it when Pauline Quirke quoted it in Birds Of A Feather.

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